bra size

The right way to measure your bra size

Learning your precise size bra should be the first step when buying a bra or a piece of underwear. Unfortunately, about 80 percent of women do not know their precise bra size. In most cases, they do not know how to measure correctly. So if your bra size always seems to be a bit off – or the hoop is too big or the straps are too tight – read below to help give your “ladies” the kind of comfort and support they deserve. Remember, as your body weight, your chest size fluctuates, so if you have not been measured for a while, now is the time to do it!

You can measure the size of your chest with a bra or off: Make sure the bra you use has no extra padding. You will need a tape measure (or rope and a ruler) and maybe a friend or trusted person can help you with the process: Read more »

global fashion

Is New York City the ultimate global fashion capital with a functional area?

If one looks only in the Western world, Europe is inevitably before the United States in creating a clothing industry. In the United Kingdom, while textile production was industrialized in the north of England during the industrial revolution, the clothing industry remains very strong in London. The East End rag trade has become emblematic of the early 20th century, populated by immigrants who settled in Eastern Europe to pursue their trade. Paris has also seen significant growth at the same time in an industry formalized in the 1840s. Around the turn of the twentieth century, nearly 300,000 workers employed in the production of clothing, where Le Marais was probably the epicenter of immigrant workshops. In Milan, the relatively high concentration of retail designer shops is not entirely comparable to manufacturers, who now appear to be situated in a fuzzy landscape around Lombardy. Read more »

france underwear

In France, underwear is not just for special occasions

The French are so well known for their “joy of living” that the phrase slipped into the Anglo-Saxon lexicon as a celebration of good taste applied to the daily lifestyle. Everyone has their own interpretation of what “joy of living” means, and is at risk of being controversial during the debate on underwear.

Mireille Guiliano (French-American author with its share of controversy) said: “French women do not have too much clothing – some good pieces that last a while and are classic and timeless.” The French as a ridiculous generalization, seem to regard clothing with an eye far more useful than American women. The clothes should be elegant as they are functional precisely because they will be charged regardless of their special character. Read more »


Fashion is the excitement, the parade in the author Boudoir – This is the ABC’s of dressing

If one combines the help of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, more than one million people attended the exhibition on the life and work of Alexander McQueen entitled “Savage Beauty”. It was a masterpiece of creativity that lives after his premature death. Recently, artistic director Sarah Burton McQueen presented a new collection and described her vision as “almost somnambulistic, in a state where reality and dreams become blurred.” Her inspired creations of dreaming lingerie dresses were layered vaporous dresses , Bustier tulle petticoats with romantic and whimsical oversized satin bed jackets.

The Google trend report for the spring of 2015 showed a huge increase in interest in tulle dresses and quantifiable demonstrates the whimsical femininity has been ruined by a designer to increase sweatpants. It seems unlikely that a million visitors queue for hours to visit an exhibition on, for example, sweatpants. Read more »

body shaper

A brief introduction to the body shaper

The sash is such a thing that will help you achieve a good body shape and appeal. In other words, use a form of wear that can give a thinner and toned look in a matter of seconds. Also known as Spanx underwear, basic clothing etc.

A body shaper can dramatically change a person’s appearance in minutes. Suppose that if you have a large buttock, flabby thighs of abdominal fat or even then a girdle can remove these things magically and can give you a slimmer and sleeker look in a few seconds. You do not even have to go to a gym and you want if there is an easy alternative. It will give you a great boost in the confidence that it is actually the key to success in all kinds of works. So giving it a try is absolutely worth it.

Working method of wear of the shape

In general, a body shaper follows a simple method to work. The shape of the clothing is usually cut and designed in a way that is compatible with a fit and attractive appearance of the body. It will boost your extra fat in the model you designed and give you a fit and attractive body look. It fits properly according to your body shape. And tailored underwear will also improve your posture. Read more »

luxury lingerie

Where can you find luxury lingerie?

It is believed that people began wearing underwear for functional reasons. For men, it helped keep the genitals in place and prevent certain types of injuries. For women, it has contributed to providing feminine hygiene items to contain absorbent materials that have been produced in menstrual blood and have prevented them from staining outer clothing. This helped prevent many beautiful clothes ruins.

For a time, the ideal female form was considered a large breast size was eighteen inches or less round and large hips. Because it was virtually impossible to get them to form naturally, women began wearing corsets that used bits of bone or metal to support the breasts while tightening the waist tightly through a series of zigzags. In other areas, girls had to force their breasts to inhibit the growth of their breasts and give them a more androgynous shape. Read more »

latex underwear

Turn on your spouse with Latex Seductive Underwear

There are many ways in which you can research if you need zing things in you and your partner regarding your worship life. For one thing, it is possible to start improving and better make-up attractive wear to make your man to take care of you. On the other hand, you can put on a fragrance that would undoubtedly attract you. Alternatively, you could use the lively made underwear that you would neglect to take your eyes off of. Latex underwear is prescribed if you have an attractive and attractively held body to parade like this latex lingerie stick on your body like a second skin and make you look attractive and possibly hot!

Latex clothes quickly turn out to be deeply attractive things in the clothing business today, including underwear. The ability of the material to adhere to your body and elbows show the way splendid lady is probably the fundamental reason why this material turns out to be progressively prevalent by the day when we talk about clothing. In addition, the latex is durable and lightweight, this way you would feel as if you are wearing nothing but the truth rather than being said. Therefore, latex has a lot of pretense sex, and it turns out to be perfect for lingerie, especially when you are looking for the lingerie of tempting things to improve sex supply and pull on your accomplice. Read more »

panties manipulated

Do you love your panties manipulated before using?

The questionable benefit of buying your intimate being from the big chain stores is that they have certainly come a long supply chain all over the world before they get to you. Your loved ones are no longer so intimate.

Some women may love their underwear has gone around the world. But most want to know that what they carry has not gone through more hands than a used dollar bill. After all, if we wanted all the clothes for the time difference, we would all have these infected germs, blue acrylic blankets that give you on red-eye flights!

Fortunately, our skin is a good barrier, so most germs can not penetrate through normal skin, but can colonize harmless. In fact, hand washing regularly is probably the most important hygiene tips for overall health. And an immunological point of view, they are best suited for protection against germs that, at present, land on your body already. Read more »

corset underwear

Why do women like to wear corset underwear?

What is closest to a woman’s heart? What makes a very nice lady from the inside? This is not usually the man he loves. Lots of times that’s what gets closer to your heart – your underwear. For a sentimental and sentimental night a Victoria Victorian or Edwardian sleep underpants complement a woman’s body giving a slimmer, rather form-like appearance. For spouses to be, underwear corset has a fundamental task in their trousseau. However, you do not need to wait for a single event for your entertainment; The very feel of the sexy lingerie on your body make you feel imagined. Belts and spicy bustier underwear are simply ideal for a lady who wants to be brave and parade her sexuality.

The underwear so they complement the body shape that are spectacular look of the fabric. They all look stunning on a wide range of corsets. Brilliant silk brocade corsets corset-strapless underwear, everyone has an extravagant demand, which makes each piece a class. Straps, suspenders, suspenders and neck, underwear blouse is available in any style you can imagine. There is something for everyone, and in all sizes. Check at the nearby store or go online and hunt. There are current Gothic styles and a unique determination of wedding lingerie.

Many ladies tend to evoke images of an obsolete piece, uncomfortable clothing when they consider corsets. Today, it could not be more off base. Corsets are used as much as “the size of the underpants of preparation” to take into consideration soft fit underneath the clothing – plus an attractive centerpiece style for a romantic evening. Read more »

erotic world

Sexy clothes in an erotic world

Sexy clothing is a fascinating conversation for men and women. Sexy clothing is something that men like to see their girlfriend or wife. However, there are many things to consider when a woman chooses to wear sexy. She should know the correct size, body shape and style. Not all women are comfortable with their attire. The reason is that they do not understand how to choose attractive clothing that suits their body type. Many women choose clothing based on the characteristics of a model and expect to look the same. This is the biggest mistake that when a woman decides to dress sexy.

There are a variety of sexy clothes to choose from, especially with online stores. There are a variety of collections to choose from. Attractive sets, role-playing costumes, sexy lingerie or a simple selection of bra and panties are all great choices. This brings us to the first class of attractive clothing that we will talk about.

Lingerie socks are clothes that you can wear under your usual clothes. Garment coats comes in multiple variations of lower body, panty stockings, thong and thongs. A favorite is thongs and ropes to hide lines from the stockings and sensuality hidden underneath the clothes every day. Thongs accentuate the buttocks creating sensual desires of those you see through. They exhibit enough eroticism and provide enough to stimulate the imagination. Read more »