Penkov - London Fashion Week AW 2008

Virtual Fashion Shows – Revolutionising the Fashion World

These days, the industry remains dynamic extend its influence in the fashion world, there are many fashion designers who are encouraged to meet and present their work to the public, thanks to the considerable scope of this sector presented. However, all applicants in the industry are able to organize fashion shows to attract the attention of the media and fashion houses. It is for these people as virtual fashion shows have evolved as a concept.

With the evolution of technology, the Internet has touched our lives in more ways than one. Gradually in all areas of our life, showed us how easy things can be with a little ingenuity for everyone. There have been many great and innovative ideas, which have revolutionized the industry with the click of a button, literally!

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Magic Fashion Show Men

Magic Fashion Show Men: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

Who, what, where?

February 14, 2011 it was not just for Valentine’s Day this year, but fashionable, too Parade Convention Center as a “Magic” in Las Vegas has started from February 14 and lasted until the 16th. Fashion shows are always considered glamorous event, especially for women. Honestly, the only fashion shows men are stereotyped for brands as clients, unless you count celebrities. The average citizen does not have a fashion show, right? This is what magic is there to

Magic magic

Magic is international fashion for the widest range of models, designers and fashion forms coats shoes, international industrial level, think magic, because it is the magic that home buyers and sellers around the world, not fashion only women but men and children began. This year, in Las Vegas, fashion revolves around new “windows” to highlight all the fashion to include accessories and clothing: unlimited STREET, FN Platform, Premium, slate, POOLTRADESHOW, acquisitions, and course WWDMAGIC fashion of men.
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Here is a presentation showing through a fashion show!

Who does not love a fashion show? If you look at the parades of the divas of our favorite fashion magazines (with all its surefooted grace) or if it is an impromptu fashion show local mall, we all take a look. Wherever moves so you can be sure that the speakers and the crowds are grateful. It’s glamorous, I guess.

The whole point of fashion is to present something new. If it is a brand new collection, a new twist on an old favorite or exciting birth of a new style, let’s face it, fashion shows bring an air of hope and excitement. The most famous designer, more excitement you can expect.

In all likelihood, most of us will never attend a fashion unless we really put our minds to it, but with the advent of the Internet and technology is advancing rapidly, each of us can see a fashion show, 24/7.

There was a time when video transmission over the Internet not only bring your own computer on his knees, but probably had to attach the Internet connection around the neighborhood too.

Neither! Streaming video over the Internet is now the norm, not the exception.

Today, there are some sites that actually host catalog enabled their own programs in a very professional and are available on their own sites. Despite being retail catalog their fashion shows are very professional and informative, giving us an idea of ​​their participation in the fashion world and the Internet.

The beauty of fashion is that clothes and accessories are very affordable and available for purchase and delivery to your door with a simple mouse click, and the best part is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your own chair. And unlike programs ultra chic fashion shows, you do not need much money to pay for them.

What does this mean for you and me? In short, you do not have to be in the right place at the right time or have high-powered society see some great fashion. You just need a broadband connection even flow and a comfortable chair. Sit down, turn on and enjoy.

Happy shopping!


Fashion Show Events

A parade is an event organized by a fashion designer to show his upcoming clothing line. The first American fashion show likely took place in 1903 in New York City store Ehrlich Brothers. American retailers imported the concept of fashion in the 1900s.


With tennis clothing collections spring and autumn / winter than ten influential couturiers and designers, the exhibition explores the ideas and inspirations motivating Paris fashion today, and why, in the era of globalization and communication Instantly, this venerable city remains the fashion capital. The city has been a magnet for men and women with style since the seventeenth century, but the French fashion industry has changed considerably over the centuries and never more so than in recent years.

Recent assessments of the current state of Paris fashion have varied widely, with some experts announcing his death, and others saying it is closer to fine art than ever. Using the mode, which has always been associated with self-expression and personal identity environment, designers try to demonstrate how the use (or misuse) of production methods and technology has the power to stimulate, delight and inspire and untapped world of fashion. In the 1800s, “fashion” is held regularly at the Paris fashion shows.

The first American fashion show likely took place in 1903 in New York City store Ehrlich Brothers. In 1910, department stores such as Wanamaker’s in New York and Philadelphia also organized fashion shows. In the 1920s, retailers across the United States held fashion shows. In the 1970s and 1980s, American designers began to hold their own fashion shows in private spaces apart from such retailers.
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Backless dresses, celebrity style

Backless dresses, celebrity style

The backless dress is a classic costume that can be highlighted and accented with drawings and accessories follow the latest trends, while considering the classic halter neck. If you want proof of how this sexy backless dress can be, then take a look in White Dress Flattering Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch.

Each year during the protests launched by celebrities, you always see women wearing this dress flattering. Many people were seen with different variations of the dress in the British Soap Awards. Some wore in the styles of mini-shorts, while others opted long maxi dresses.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow was seen wearing this summer dress black with a striking design court in New York during the recent premiere of Iron Man.

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Jewelry celebrity style is fashionable

Jewelry celebrity style is fashionable

Women love to wear celebrity style jewelry, which is jewelry inspired by celebrities. Celebrities are mainly expensive pieces of jewelry that ordinary people can hardly afford. However, it is possible to get jewelry designed like those worn by celebrities at a special event, a movie, a song or a number, for the purchase of parts made of a cheaper metal like sterling silver.

Get silver jewelry for you

Compared with white gold and platinum, silver is an excellent choice when affordability. Money is complex, very feminine and beautiful. In addition, the metal is soft and can be formed into various shapes. The beautiful detail work is also possible with silver metal, you can have a watermark, and bows made in sterling silver jewelry. Pure silver is very soft and can be used to make jewelry, so we have the sterling silver alloys for the metal harder and do.

There are several websites, if you search the internet money selling jewelry celebrity style. You may have admired celebrities wear very elegant jewelry often, well, you can now have similar designs in silver jewelry. Choose from a variety of online silver jewelry, such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches, earrings and chains.

It is not mandatory that you must have money attached, if you have the money, you can also have a silver ring with a diamond or a silver necklace with a pendant diamond or ruby. Celebrity style jewelry fashion are numerous and crazy hardcore fans who want to buy coins with designs inspired by the jewelry worn by celebrities designs.

Sterling silver can be chosen, and also on special occasions, such as parties, engagements and weddings. Before going blind for a celebrity inspired jewelry design, it is logical that if the design will look good on you.

How to keep silver jewelry bright

The best option to keep your silver shining always bring most of the time. The gentle friction that occurs between the skin and the jewelry will keep the metal in good condition. Remember, silver reacts negatively with sea water, it is recommended not to wear silver jewelry while swimming in the ocean or hang out on the beach. Silver rings and bracelets should not be worn when working with chemicals.

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diamond celebrity

Sparkling diamond pendant necklace – Celebrity Jewelry Style

Celebrities and stars around the world are under constant scanner. Every little detail about them in the news and we love new data to distribute to us. But beyond his personal life, interests and habits of love we love to be informed of everything else that we control and this applies particularly to women, is what are the celebrities. From the clothes, accessories, hair and jewelry shoes sports, women love to have a tab of nearly everything about celebrity fashion and wardrobe.

So if you’re one of those people who is a fan of celebrity news and just can not help but want more and more news about them, especially those having to do with their costumes and jewelry here is an interesting read. There is no doubt that most women are in love with jewelry and if the brightness of the diamonds that are talking about is safe to stop everything that has been done to determine their favorite jewelry. Now, if I say I’m going to talk about some very interesting diamond jewelry that your favorite celebrities have been seen in major sporting events, I’m sure you’ll want to know everything about them. So without beating around the bush here we go.

Let me start by saying the latest in jewelry also is the magnificent diamond jewelry necklace adorned with a diamond pendant still wonderful. The mere mention makes your mouth open just imagine how beautiful and truly magnificent something like this seem right? Well, you can check for yourself, for celebrities these days seem to be in love with this kind of beautiful diamond jewelry. Celebrity and style icon Rihanna was spotted recently wearing a very exorbitant layered diamond necklace diamond pendant cross as impressive Choice Awards 2010 Nickelodeon Kid. The singer looked great as usual, but no doubt his diamond necklace and pendant that stole the show.

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Top 4 Celebrity Lace Wig Styles

Top 4 Celebrity Lace Wig Styles

Full lace wigs are hot celebrity in the market and with good reason. Celebrity style plays an important role in our personal way. From makeup to hair, celebrities are the first to get the best looks today. As in other industries, the hair industry follows these trends. With hundreds of different celebrity inspired full lace wigs out there, some celebrity styles stand out more than the rest.


Beyonce may be one of the celebrity full lace wig origin. Beyonce is known for her long golden hair. She is also known for her affection for full lace wigs. With so many concerts and red carpet appearances, soft hairstyles are needed to fulfill your wardrobe. The best and most popular selling full lace wigs are inspired by the style of Beyonce.

From his curly hair look smooth and soft, Beyonce is a great muse salon for wig industry. Honey blonde and golden brown tones complement many women of color without looking tacky. With the above options only platinum blonde for African American women, Beyonce brought a refreshing color inspiration to many.


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Celebrity Jewelry - The Styles celebrities use

Celebrity Jewelry – The Styles celebrities use

Celebrities love silver jewelry. Since most celebrities have creative personalities, they tend to express themselves in many ways. This extends even to creativity in clothing and jewelry. They are very visual people want to be noticed on the red carpet premieres. Fans imitate the looks worn by celebrities.

Celebrity Bracelets

Sterling silver jewelry, particularly bracelets, is a staple of fashionable women everywhere. This type of jewelry is durable and so beautiful. The versatility is outstanding, which goes with every outfit whether with jeans or with a designer dress. For instance, movie star Sandra Bullock wore a silver cuff bracelet to the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in May 2009. A silver bracelet makes a bold statement, but is light and flexible so you can fit a variety of wrist sizes. Another popular type of bracelets is the silver bracelet. There are many shapes and designs for the charms that are attached to the bracelet.

Celebrity Rings

Celebrities enjoy the flexibility and wide range of styles of silver jewelry. Many stars wear very distinctive rings. These are rings that are easily identifiable with the celebrity who wears that ring. For example, the Grammy Award-winning singer Mariah Carey loves butterflies. A beautiful sterling silver ring inlaid with diamonds is a butterfly style. Actress Angelina Jolie likes rings sterling silver snake. Jennifer Lopez received a beautiful dark pink diamond ring engagement with a silver band.

Celebrity Earrings

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Spring 2013 Jewelry Trends for celebrities

What are the new Spring 2013 Jewelry Trends for celebrities?

Like any other season, women are ready to spring jewelry and clothing styles. There were big waves made on the latest spring trends for celebrity jewelry designer inspired starlets like Beyonce, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and basketball wives. There are new trends in jewelry that stormed the fashion scene style this spring and will satisfy the desire of women for bright colors, vivid and bright.

A new spring jewelry adornment fit wardrobe this season is a pair of earrings emerald earrings Beyonce wore during the presidential inauguration to sing the national anthem. Although these earrings are said to be worth more than $ 1.8 million, there will be something for everyone in terms of different carat weight has a lady love. There will also be costume jewelry earrings designed around this style. These special earrings ears have created sensations in the field of fashion as many proclaimed that Beyoncé fans really want these jewels for spring 2013.

Bold classic pearls Rihanna was there a feeling of jewelry that has a great influence on many of his followers. It is also known to wear jewelry patterns, stripes or checks. This is the style that inspires her fashion bracelets and necklaces springs. Rihanna is known for its various combinations of modes and styles of beautiful earrings. Ladies will find this spring, are also elegant jewelry for rings and earrings with double discs.

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